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Welcome to my site everyone!

Please browse around and learn abit about me and the work I'm currently doing in Tanzania.

Where I'm at now...

It's been a very long time since I've posted here. Since I'm no longer in Tanzania, it seems silly to continue posting here. 

I do have a new blog though it's not as personal in nature. It's a website dedicated to anything design. Check it out at




My heart is heavy and levitated.
Excited and devastated.

I leave today.
I arrive tomorrow.

nane nane

This is an entry I meant to write weeks ago but I decided to wait to get images from Jeremy before I posted.

Nane Nane is a holiday. It's the eighth day of the eight month. Saba Saba is also a holiday, the seventh day of the seventh month.
At Pamoja we don't usually celebrate national holidays but this time we decided to plan a day out. Around Chai Time (10:30am) Joy, Sig, Jeremy, Christine, Jacob, Natasha, Davin and I headed out to the "paragliding" hill for a picnic. The view from the hill is incredible (see the pic with mine and Jacob's backs). We had a great lunch and played on the hill. Jacob played with his piki piki (motorbike) toy, I spun him in a few circles, Natasha crawled around and got filthy, and Sig, Davin, Jeremy and I took turns flying a kite. When the kids started to get tired we packed up and they slept while we drove another 30 mins. to the Snake Park. The attendant there surprised us by giving us a residence rate. It's normally $10 US per person but the Residence rate is 1000 shillings (about $0.85)! I think my favourite parts were a) seeing the huge constrictors b) Natasha trying to grab at the "holding" snake and put it in her mouth (that's where everything these days) and c) watching Jacob ride a camel with his mom. After leaving the Snake Park we drove into town and stopped for yummy gelato and then we headed home. It was a perfect relaxing day... I wish there would have been more of these. :)

Lake Manyara & Ngorongoro Crater

Last week, Joel, myself and our new friend Carly went on a two day safari. It was pretty incredible. The pictures speak for themselves.
Note: I didn't have some fancy SLR, just my basic digital. My maximum zoom is what I could see with my own eyes. So not particularly amazing shots like Joel but what you do get is an idea of how close we were to some of these animals.